marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

sticking some padding in

So plugging along on the revision and thinking, I really need to stick some padding in there. . . .

Well, not padding as such.  I need to slow down the transition.  There's the point at which they realize they won, and furthermore, other good things are happening as a consequence.

Then there's the point where they start about talking about what they can do next.  As in, where they can live, and what they can do to support themselves.

Even our ever-chirpy and hopeful heroine is going to need a moment to take it in.  As for our hero, who was grimly slogging along out of pure duty in the face of despair, it's going to take more than a moment.

So -- expanding their reaction, before they have a chance to think.
Tags: characterization, endings, point of view, transition

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