marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

watching the weather

pull out the story, one I hadn't worked on it a while.  Start to write again.  Have the scene where Nellith is writing and, since I didn't situate it before -- put her outside --

And then I was hunting back through the pages, because it came to me that the weather did not allow it.  Sure enough.  It was winter, and no way she would go outside even for the light.


Some things, letting a story sit on the backburner helps.  Some things, it doesn't.  Particularly if the weather is not plot-significant.  It can be a good way to indicate time passing, but you then have to keep track of how much time you want to have passed. . . .

Meanwhile it's winter here, and I shall have to ensure that I do not allow too much contamination because the climate of that world is milder.
Tags: story time, world-building: weather

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