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Beauty and the Beast Tales from Around the World

Beauty and the Beast Tales from Around the World by Heidi Anne Heiner

A solid thick collection of all sorts of animal bridegroom tales. And some other Search for the Lost Husband tales.

Opens with two translations of "Cupid and Psyche", where he's just never seen. And then two different translations of the original full-blown Beauty and the Beast by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. Rather overblown, perhaps. Lots of description and things that make it clear it's a literary version. And of course, a good number of elements that most people won't recognize, such as the prince's being a beast because he refused a fairy's offer of marriage, Beauty dreaming of the price while at the Beast's castle, and Beauty turning out to be a king's daughter substituted for a merchant's dead child by a fairy.

Then three different redactions of it, including Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's.

Followed by various tales where it returned to the folklore.

And then a great array of animal bridegroom or others of that ilk. Includes one where the heroine made the bridegroom out of foodstuffs and then, a la Pygmalion, brought him to life. And ones where he's a flower or an inanimate object. Tales that start with the animal bridegroom and ones that start with his bride. Tales where burning his skin is the cure, and where it's the disaster. Several with unhappy endings, to be sure. And a couple that she also put in her "Frog Prince" collection.
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