marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

fairy tale after marriage

Picking fairy tales into an outline in a massive-multi-fairy-tale mash-up. . .

And the frame one is one where the hero engages in the Quest for the Lost Wife.

Hmm, said I, perhaps I want to put one at the end, where the princess and he have met and married. . . give them some time. . .

You know, there are a lot of post-marriage fairy tale and episodes in the fairy tales.  Their most common feature, however, is that they split up the couple one way or another.  The king goes to war, or the queen is driven out on false charges or turned into a duck, or some such.  Happily ever after tends to be their time together.

oh, well, perhaps I can give them some time between it.  Or have other characters involve them as the king and queen figures in a tale where that is not so central. . . .
Tags: endings, fairy tales (retelling), families: matrimony, quest

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