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Split the Party

Split the Party by Drew Hayes

The sequel to NPCs.  More RPG influence. . .and spoilers for the first.

In our world, Russell is continuing to DM with a new group of players (except for the continuing Tim). A better set. One cleverly persuades Tim that his paladin would choose a different adventure hook, because of the greater number of people menaced. (Meanwhile, Russell is taking notes because last time, he thought the module rewrote itself.) But they're off, and one observes that Tim's original pick will be done with before they could double back.

Guess where our intrepid band of NPCs is headed? As the highest chance of safety, they take the road to the town with the magical plague. (Highest doesn't mean high.)  They find the town full of people who think they are cured, but are feverish, and when Thistle finds out they performed a rite led by a priest without a name. . . .

Thistle also discovers that his god won't let him leave -- he has to save the day.  Paladin, you know.  Even to get help.

It involves a seller of magical items, a cynic from the stricken town, Grumph's going for a test really quickly, a dire turkey, Timuscor's childhood dream of becoming a paladin, a conjured boar, a cursed axe, and rather more.

Russell's party only runs in parallel, though there are hints for the future.
Tags: fiction reviews: fantasy (other), role-playing games

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