marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

places and borders

Sent the five characters up a stairs from one location to their destination.  Both of which have magical elements. . . and I was pondering that the arriving characters are not accustomed to the sight of foreigners and how magic doesn't have to develop as technology did (any more than technology would have to, in another world :), and if transportation magic were developed slowly, so that people relied on transformation instead. . . .

Aha!  The magic of this world is based on locations.  Some of it on heavily magical ones.  And some of it on liminality, on the borders between two locations, preferably at liminal time by liminal beings. . . .

Of course that will mean refocusing some of the magic in the story thus far. . . at the very least, a wizard can endow a place with magic.  It may be difficult, but you are not the slave of geography.  (might be a fun world if you were, but this story doesn't work on that.)  Involving both stones and clockwork. . .

That's the sort of challenge the muse enjoys.

I wonder whether transport spells were slow. Another hindrance to geography (as a study) would be the easy ability to go directly to the place you wanted to trade. All the regions inbetween would become "here there are wyrms."
Tags: world-building: economics, world-building: enchantment, world-building: geography, world-building: magic (technique)

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