marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

philosophical observations on retelling fairy tales

There's a real advantage of reading a lot of variants of fairy tales when it comes to retelling.

It helps you evade things you don't like in one variant.

If you don't like Rumpelstiltskin's bargain, you can have the heroine helped by the three aunts, who merely want to be invited to the wedding and address as "auntie". If you don't like having All-Kinds-Of-Fur's father's try to marry her, you can have Catskin's, who just wants to marry her off to be rid of her and doesn't care if the bridegroom is dreadful.

You can invent your own, sometimes. But that can lose the "retelling" aspect, if you want. More of a problem is the realization that it's essential and plot-determining. If the hero and his father are not alienated, he will not leave home with the right attitude and other problems.

Tags: fairy tales (retelling), plot devices, plot twist

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