marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

miracle cures in urban fantasy

One thing that keeps the setting stable in urban fantasy is that there are no miracle cures for werewolfery or any of the other curses and afflictions of the genre. . . but what if there were?

Imagine a cure whereby you could walk into a room full of people turned to wolves, and turn them back, just as the doctors who first isolated insulin walked into a diabetic ward full of children slipping away in their irreversible comas and gave them injections -- with the first kids waking up before the last got their dose.

The closest I've seen to this is in Harry Potter where a potion saves werewolfs from their insanity.  Produced very little social effect. . .

Imagine how it would throw most urban fantasy settings into chaos as the balance of power goes haywire:  the stampede for the cure, the bitter opposition from those who don't want escape from the state and so from the control of werewolf society, the equal bitter opposition from those who see their children being lured off to mainstream society as by the Pied Piper, whether other beings can move in. . . .

Lots of possibility.  Though finite in time, unlike a stable situation.
Tags: genre: urban fantasy, politics, world-building: creatures, world-building: magic (effects), world-building: social structure

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