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Evenmere by James Stoddard

A return to the High House, with all its significance, and Carter Anderson. Spoilers for The High House and The False House ahead.

It opens with a new character going up to the attic to tell the story to the dragon who lives there. He recounts how a new, destructive force was unleashed in the house, Poetry that turns one region entirely to stone, with all the people in it.

Carter's work on installing a telegraph is therefore interrupted. He must set out, leaving Sarah and their son Jason behind. And problems arise. The story involves vanishing shadows, a split among the anarchist forces, Jason being lured in his dreams by a clown figure, the stars by the Astronomy Tower, a scientist fleeing an offer, the Mere of Books, Chant's revealing to a friend that he knew he was an anarchist, and more.

The new regions it reveals of the House are as marvelous as before.
Tags: fiction reviews: fantasy (other)

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