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Hamster Princess: Of Mice and Magic

Hamster Princess: Of Mice and Magic by Ursula Vernon

The return of Princess Harriet, still the typical rebellious princess with a quirky interest in fractions -- no longer cursed and so no longer invincible. It opens with her bored because of things like ogres taking up vegetarianism to avoid her.

She meets a shrew by the side of the road -- an old frail shrew inexplicably miles from settlements and without a shadow. Harriet manages the politeness bit until the fairy reveals the truth -- and then eventually has to bribe her with a cupcake to learn the story of the curse on the twelve dancing mouse princesses. Harriet thinks that maybe they just like to dance, so the shrew fairy has to reveal that there is some peril to her own kingdom if she doesn't break it.

It involves moles forced not to dig, a princess who wants to be a florist, a prince working as a stableboy, a library organized by color (you know how people talk of their favorite fictional library? This would be the opposite), lead underwear, a perfect match, large amounts of weaponized paint and more.
Tags: fiction reviews: children's fantasy, fiction reviews: fairy tale based

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