marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

World's End

World's End by Joan D. Vinge

The sequel to The Snow Queen.  Very different.  Not a panoramic view at all, but a tight first-person account from the diary the main character kept.

BZ Gundhalinu, a police officer from Queen, has disgraced himself since Tiamat, both because he still has the scars that showed his suicide attempt failed, and because he brought true accusations against the powerful of his new planet.  He takes his necessary leave in order to go after his disgraced brothers, who tried to retrieve the family fortunes at World's End, where the laws of nature seem to break down.

This involves corrupt bureaucrats, coordinates no longer working, a mad sibyl, asking the right question, diamonds and jewels more precious, a vision of his future self, and rather a bit more in a situation that grows more chaotic until it comes clear.
Tags: fiction reviews: sf

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