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Louis XIV, traveling on the "royal roads" of France, always brought his own road menders with him.

19th century writers would caution parents about the dangers of letting their children eat fruit or fresh baked goods.

Most Paleolithic art was abstract patterns. European caves have an unusual large number of real-life stuff, but are mostly abstract.

One of the first doughnut machines was the Wonderful Almost Human Automatic Doughnut Machine.

The Athenian runner Pheidippides, sent to appeal to the Spartans for help against the Persians, came back with a report of having met Pan along the way, who told him he had always been a friend of the Athenians, why did they neglect him?

Henry VIII had a particular dislike, among the pilgrimages to saints' shrines, for the one to Thomas a Becket.

The United States Air Force was plagued with accidents, and a lieutenant set to study it found that every single pilot diverged from the statistically average pilot in some respect. They coped by making everything adjustable.

The habit of traveling during your honeymoon started in the 19th century with the newly weds visiting friends and family unable to make the wedding.

The henges of Britain are often the last thing done with a site that had seen heavy use before. Some anthropologists speculate that henges were built to contain a site that had problems.

Whalers would celebrate their 1000 barrel of oil by having doughnuts.

One medieval writer thought the unicorn-taming powers of a virgin stemmed from humors: the virgin being naturally cold and moist, the naturally hot and dry unicorn found the air about her refreshing.

During World War II, the United States Army had more ships than the Navy.

The shepherds of Landes herded their sheep over their flat lands while walking on stilts, getting a good view.

The code of Hammurabi refers to the water trial for witches.

A Tudor writer objected to the practice of a festive Lord of Misrule. One objection he had was that the lord's attendants would be dressed in green, yellow, or "some other light wanton color."

The rise of the temperance movement did much to encourage the making of apple pies in America, because it meant that fewer were used for hard cider.

The pagan Romans had no less than seven goddesses and a god presiding over childbirth.

Neolithic British flint mines have bones (human and animal), pottery, and tools in them -- which may be propitiatory sacrifices to the mine spirits.
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