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Youth in the Fatherless Land

Youth in the Fatherless Land: War Pedagogy, Nationalism, Authority in Germany, 1914-1918 by Andrew Donson

A study of what happened to school-aged children in World War I Germany. With particular emphasis on their schooling. Ranges from the fiercely belligerent essays they wrote to the detrimental effects on studies of having to stand in line for hours to get food.

Surveys the schooling that pre-existed, first, from Kaiser Wilhelm's objection to teaching them as if they were young Greeks or young Romans and not young Germans to the "continuation schools" that taught working-class youths a trade, much to the displeasure of their families who needed their wages as apprentices.

Then the effects of war on pedagogy, and literature -- penny dreadfuls got banned in places though no different in content that more expensive books -- and volunteering. And those of their getting munitions jobs (boys were more likely to work -- girls were less likely, because their mothers had gone to work and assigned them the housework) and crime, and other problems.
Tags: history reviews: 19th century-wwi

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