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The Golden Bees

The Golden Bees: The Story of the Bonapartes by Theo Aronson

A personal history of Napoleon's family.  From his natal family to about World War II -- the epilogue is about Hitler's attempt to make a gracious gesture by having Napoleon's son 's coffin moved to France.

You will not hear much of politics or military except as impinges on the family -- especially in their marriages, and obtaining, or failing to obtain, posts, the intrigues when out of power, and all that.

And such personal moments as when Napoleon III's son was born, his cousin and former heir refused to sign the birth certificate -- until their cousin Mathilde descend upon him in a dudgeon because she had been there twenty-seven hours and would not stay any longer, and therefore he was going to sign it.
Tags: history reviews: 15th-18th centuries, history reviews: 19th century-wwi

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