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tidbits cross time

The Prince Regent once had a banquet where a stream ran down the middle of the main table, with mossy banks, bridges, and live goldfish.

In India, solar-evaporated sea salt was preferred to both rock salt and salt produced by boiling -- for religious reasons. Also because it was easier.

The Devil's cloven hoof stemmed from his inability (like the Fair Folk's) to perfectly mimic a human being.

After the 1715 Jacobite rebellion, one rebel -- an Earl who had been apprenticed to a locksmith -- escaped by picking the lock.

Japanese theaters traditionally scattered salt before a performance to protect the actors from evil spirits.

Napoleon had his bride Marie Louise welcomed with the same ceremony as Marie Antoinette had been.

Kaiser Wilhelm II once lectured a school conference that their duty was to raise young Germans, not young Greeks or young Romans.

A 18th century English ball, if not attended by the actual sovereign, was opened by a chosen king and queen.

When Napoleon III's son was born, his nephew, angry that he was no longer heir, refused to sign the birth certificate -- at least until his cousin Matilde descended on him in rage because she had been there twenty-seven hours and she was going to leave, which meant he was going to sign.

Hunters and gatherers get enough meat to get salt from it. It's agricultural societies that trade for salt.
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