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Komarr by Lois McMaster Bujold

The continuing adventures of Miles. Spoilers ahead for earlier works.

Also a new point of view character -- and it's not like A Civil Campaign, where you had the broad base of points of view.

Miles settling in as an Auditor. In fact, he's tagging along with Vorhales, to investigate a disaster:  the solar mirrors vital to the terraforming of Komarr have been severely damaged.  An engineering incident, but Miles finds it interesting.  All the more so when they discover surplus bodies among the werckage.  Meanwhile, they stay on the home of Vorhales's niece Ekaterin -- she's the point of view character -- and her husband and son.

What they uncover leads to a plot that includes a bluff that is not a bluff; Ekaterin's unhappiness; Miles persuading the son to do something by mentioning a girl who did something like it; a mysterious sum of money; fictitious employees and embezzlement; gardens; necklace ; and more.
Tags: fiction reviews: mystery, fiction reviews: sf

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