marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Red's Planet

Red's Planet: Book 1: A World Away from Home by Eddie Pittman

A little, sweet adventure of a girl on an alien planet.

Red (which is not her real name -- and she hates it -- but she doesn't give her name during the book) is a foster child.  In her foster home, two of the boys squabble over a magazine about an alien abduction while she packs to run away.  After a long day, the sheriff catches her and lets her know that she's going to a home for troubled kids, not a foster home.  But before that happens, a flying saucer takes his police car with Red in it.  (Minus one of her sneakers!)

Her subsequent adventures include a farmer trying to sell vegetables, Red's attempts to use Star Trek as a guide, a grumpy blue lion, a crash landing on the planet, the mistake of giving a creature some food, some "pirates" demanding treasure, and more.

Red was a bit excessively bratty at first, but showed more sympathy for other people as things went -- enough to make her sympathetic.

I'm pretty sure, if you've followed the webcomic, that some things got altered.  It also got further, to a definite break point.
Tags: children's books, fiction reviews: humor, fiction reviews: sf, webcomics

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