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Spellbound by Larry Correia

The second book of the Grimnoir Chronicles. Serious spoilers ahead for Hard Magic.

It opens, in fact -- after a prologue flashing back to the Great War, with new characters -- with Faye being shown evidence that she didn't kill the Chairman after all (and the elders of the Grimnoir discuss whether she's too dangerous to live), Jake doing research in a library, and Francis, in his new role as one of the country's richest men, stuck waiting for the President, with Heinrich playing his bodyguard.

Then an Active tries to assassinate the President. Only Heinrich's quick action saves him, many more die, and Francis uses his powers to kill the assassin -- to find himself in jail, being told that Heinrich died, and accused of killing the man to keep him from talking.

Meanwhile, Faye's assigned to new Grimnoir knights being brought to America to replace the last book's losses, and Jake is recruited to take a phone call from a dead man.

The stakes have gotten higher. Significant incidents include saving the Midwest from a magical prolonged Dustbowl, a revealing explanation of a poem, that Faye's eyes used to be blue, Buckminster Fuller, talking to the Japanese ambassador, eating a note and then trying to recreate it, plans to register all Actives (and eliminate some), a man named Crow, and much more.
Tags: fiction reviews: alternate world fantasy, fiction reviews: steampunk, fiction reviews: superheroes

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