marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

all dressed up and someplace to go

Lots of places, in fact.  That have rather different clothing customs.

I got how the heroine dressed from a work of art -- cap, vest, dress, all particolored in rose red and pink (colors vary through get-ups, but not the basics).  Well, that's simple enough.

Though when I started outlining, it came out that her unpleasant aunt insists on Jonnet's wearing those bright colors, like a child, because she insists on attending school.  The other scholars are not treated as children and wear the proper sober shades of adults.

Then she's off -- on a quest no less -- and it comes to me that other countries treat it differently.  There's at least one in which bright colors are the perogatives of wives.  To be sure, this country, like hers, also has the custom that wearing your hair down is maidenly; wives wear it up.  So they are confronted with a woman wearing a wife's clothing and her hair in a maidenly style. . .

And there are going to be other variations, I think.  At least one where her dress is merely "foreign" -- so foreign they don't even try to interpret it according their code.

Odd.  The most dress attention that earlier stories had was the way in Madeleine and the Mists, Madeleine covered more or less of her hair according to local custom.  And those were throw-away comments.  I think Jonnet's going to have a lot more issues from hers.
Tags: world-building: aging and coming of age, world-building: clothing

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