marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the wind blows where it wills

and just now it's blowing over the heroine, from the sea.  For days.

She lives by the sea.  And I am philosophically contemplate effects.    Probably stealing from real life.  I know a woman who grew up by the sea who complains that books set by the sea often have characters who never even think about the tides -- and who once mentioned that when she went away to college, inland and surronded by hills, there were times when she felt boxed in.

Probably going to feature both in her tale.  Being a quest, it will take her over land and sea.  She's going to mark her embarkations by the tide.  And miss the sea when she leaves.

And I know that, in the end, she's going to end up in a tower, like a proper wizard -- by the seashore.  (Whereupon the muse promptly informed me, "She sells sea spells by the sea shore.")
Tags: endings, quest, travel, world-building: weather

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