marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

off for a walk

Was reading a story where a Regency-era heroine was soundly berated for a solitary walk.  In the country.

Which reminded me how Elizabeth got to Netherfield when Jane was ill:  walking.  Three miles.  Most of it alone.  And while Mr. Bingley's sisters think the worse of her for it, they harp on her wild appearance and not her shocking conduct, which would have been a much stronger issue.

And Anne Eliot overhead Captain Wentworth on the topic of firmness because she was walking alone -- admittedly, nowhere near as far.

Hmm. May not be just a projection of the Victorian era back, may have been a matter of gentry vs. quality. Hmmmmmm.
Tags: travel, world-building: courtesy, world-building: social classes

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