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Digger, Volume Two

Digger, Volume Two by Ursula Vernon

Of six, BTW. Spoilers for volume one ahead.

Recovering from her injuries in the cottage of the nineteen-year-old hag, Digger has a few more incidents. She had been drugged with poppy because she had been seen with a demon -- or so the Veiled think the shadowchild is. Fortunately, the statue put its foot on it. So we have many things -- a visit to Ed, digging a root cellar, the shadowchild dancing about at the notion of being a demon (since it wonders what it is), another attempt to eat Digger, cute little winged rats -- and the statue wants Digger to go back into the tunnel. It involves a beneficent offer to Digger and his companion to skin them, eating lunch, cold servants, and a lot more stuff that shifts the tale to a significantly more serious level, with the plot picking up pace.
Tags: fiction reviews: fantasy (other), graphic novel/manga, webcomics

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