marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

winged horses

Once upon a time, I was reading Tom Simon's Campbell’s Cream of Fantasy, and in the opening paragraph we have
Winged Pegasus will bear you with joy to the remotest reaches of Elfland, but he does not always come when you whistle for him. Poor old Dobbin, bridled, blinkered, hobbled, stabled, and without so much as a wish for wings of his own, can only take you for a weary plod round the paddock, but he is always at home and always pathetically grateful to be taken out for a ride. Pegasus is a rare beast, born of inspiration; Dobbins can be mass-produced.

which instantly had me thinking of a winged horse named Dobbin that is not capable of soaring, and a stunted, rough-coated creature, but useful at a fair. . . .

Finally, however, Dobbin has managed to slip into place with other ideas, so that I know what fantasy world has a winged horse flying on a long lunge line, at a cheap carnival.

Ideas can be funny like that.
Tags: world-building: creatures, world-building: enchantment

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