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Digger, Volume Three

Digger, Volume Three by Ursula Vernon

And the plot threads wind on. . . . spoilers for the earlier stuff ahead. . .

It opens -- again -- with Digger recovering from injuries in the hag's care. And the statue talking with Murai about what they saw.

The Veiled are ready to arrest Digger, and only the statue's influence keeps it from happening within the temple. The Cold Servants come forth and things are learned. The Shadowchild wants Digger to explain evil, and makes things awkward for hyenas. Murai tells Digger a legend and asks her on a journey. Digger confesses to a fear of ducks.  A hyena explains that something that happened is bad for the dead.  Later, she explains that Digger has to come armed to their village. And more.

They discover enough about the tunnel to have a way to search for more.
Tags: fiction reviews: fantasy (other), graphic novel/manga, webcomics

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