marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

decisions and timing and superpowers

So a hero's got his origin and his superpowers.  The bad guys' fault, and he breaks out. . .

He needs to explore his powers.  And he needs to try to bring the bad guys to justice.  (Which is going to not work as well as planned.)

So, timing.  How long and how hard will he test his powers and train with them before he goes to the attack?   Hmm. . . hmm. . . he wasn't the only subject, but whether the others are all dead will matter, as will be whether he knows or suspects it.  But not infinitely.  He was kidnapped, he has to know that others might be as well. . .

Not to mention how much he sees of their defenses, and what he sees, and how hard they come after him. . . .

decisions, decisions. . .
Tags: discovery, plotting, superpowers

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