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I have noticed recently one bit of flawed but frequent world-building: people underestimating how little social distance is needed to create views of "Mesalliance!"

Depends on the society, of course. When the king reigns over a post-stamp sized realm and speaks with the peasants and works on his demense farm, a fairy-tale-like is not too shocking even in more realistic scenarios.

But when you are doing ancien regime, or 19th century -- royals all over Europe were shocked, shocked, shocked, when one of Queen Victoria's daughters married a subject.  It had been a long time since any member of the royal family had, over three centuries.  Even though the bridegroom was the heir to a duchy, the very highest rank of peerage.

Other royals even argued with her about thinking the offspring of morgantic marriages suitable for her descendants.
Tags: families: matrimony, world-building: social classes

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