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Sourcery by Terry Pratchett

One of the lesser lights in the Discworld series. (He attributes a fair number of changes to the world to events in it, not always plausibly.)

It opens with a wizard having a talk with DEATH about his eighth son -- who must be a sourcerer, on that account. He gives his son his staff and a destiny to ruin the Unseen University.

A few years later, the Unseen University is in a panic. Or rather, the creatures are -- rats abandoning it like a sinking ship, bedbugs fleeing (and taking the bed), gargoyles moving off like bad stop-motion animation -- and so are the books, which Rincewind and the Librarian are trying to calm. And then a young but powerful sourcerer arrives. The Arch-Chancellor's hat forces a thief to steal it and find a wizard to give it to -- turns out to be Rincewind, in a tavern. And the thief turns out to be Conina, daughter of Cohen the Barbarian. . .

Complications ensue. A barbarian hero who wears woolly underwear, a carpet with a dragon pattern, trying to burn down the library, stealing horses, and more.

I was noticing, this read-through, that he used syllepsis quite a bit in it. For odd figures of speech. . . .
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