marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Endless Blue

Endless Blue by Wen Spencer

In a space-faring future, where humanity is under attack from mysterious aliens called nefrim, where genetic modified Reds and Blues are slaves of human society -- Captain Mikhail Volkov (who is also the crown prince of Novaya Rus) is summoned for a mission.  A ship that had been lost years earlier had reappeared in space -- at least its engine had -- and it was encrusted with coral.

Turk -- Mikhail's foster-brother and Red Commander, a Red himself and so an oddity -- replaces their lost Reds, they prepare the ship for sea (insofar as anything can be done), and they replicate the passage of the ship that was lost.  It lands them in a strange world.  Where chunks of rock soar through the sky over ocean.  Where multitudinous alien races survive -- minotaurs, hauk, and seraphim, among others -- and time does not flow as it does in their universe.  Where Turk wrestles with his heritage and his resentment, and Mikhail with his depressive tendencies and his past.  Where significant secrets are discovered, which will affect the human race.

Tags: adventure, fiction reviews: military, fiction reviews: sf, genre: science fiction, military fiction

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