marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

future footnotes

Taking notes as I write along on a novel that's a massive mashup of fairy tales.

When I only steal one trope, it can be hard.  One character jests that someone else is a princess who ran away from her father who wanted to marry her.  That could be a whole slew of tales.  "Donkey Skin" or "All Kinds of Fur" or "The King Who Wanted to Marry His Daughter."

Or the character whose problem is that her fellow servants are lying and saying she bragged of being able to do something.  "Esben and the Witch"?  or "Dapplegrim"?

Or the princess who sets out to seek her fortune.  "Kate Crackernuts" or "The Three Heads in the Well" or "The Girl and the Dead Man" -- hmm, the last is not a princess, at least.
Tags: fairy tales (retelling), writing

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