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more books of beings

More by Ruth Manning-Sanders.  Fairy tales about the world, with country sources (but no more) and nice illustrations, retold for children.

A Book Of Wizards

A variety of tales. Included "Aladdin" -- the original -- but the rest are not the popular tales. We have a job for a wizard, a wizard who tricks a man into promising his son and the son's adventures, a wizard testing two women in the kind and unkind girls tale, and more.

A Book of Kings and Queens

All featuring kings or queens somewhere. But we have one where the main character dreams she will give the king three marvelous sons and so gets to marry him and be queen in the first scenes (much to her stepmother's rage), two where you have an animal monarch, and more.

A Book Of Magic Animals
A number of animals. Some are bridegrooms, some are magical helpers -- three doves put characters to test in the kind and unkind girls tale -- a frog is a go-between -- some feature in straight animal tales, and more.
Tags: children's books, fairy tale reviews

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