marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

devise a sign

Ah, the oddities you need.  For instance, I need an inn sign.

It's not an important inn.  It's just a waystation at which something bad happens, if it hadn't happen there, it would have happened somewhere else. . . .

So I was pondering what sort of sign and name to give it.  Too blatant -- the Necromancer's Rest -- and our hero looks a fool.  But something like The Hound and the Hare, or the Fox and the Grapes -- no, I want something that the hero will think bitterly ironic after.  If he doesn't blame himself for trusting it in an inn named that in a fit of excessive guilt.

I think I'm aiming for something with a Raven in it.
Tags: foreshadowing, local color, names, world-building: buildings

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