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background big bad guy

Plugging around on my outline.  Massive fairy tale mash-up, avoiding all the top 20 pop tales.

Hero saves heroine, hero loses heroine to a curse, hero sets out -- meanwhile, there are nasty devilish goblinish figures about, and in the background there's a mountain where there's a brooding king of a dead kingdom (killed 'em all himself), associated with them.

Hero is, of course, avoiding the mountain.  But having thrown enough in -- he's even the brother of a significant character's grandmother -- I have to bring him forward for the climax.  Hmmm.  The thing is, the first tale that pops to mind is the wizard conjuring away the bride on her wedding day.  But two quests after one bride would be a bit much to keep from getting repitative.  I shall have to consider what else he could do. He does have two openings:  the wedding and when their first baby is born.

But it will have to do something with his backstory, probably involving magic objects, and, of course, be fairy tale.
Tags: fairy tales (retelling), foreshadowing, outlining, story structure

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