marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

enter the heroes

The story starts with our heroine passing out posters to urchins, to hang them about the city streets for a fee.  The author is unhappy because --

It gives no hint that the story is a superhero one.   Some that it's steampunk, but no superhero.

Which is a bit complicated, since superheroes are not any of the main characters, though a few become plot significant.

Perhaps there will be a newspaper in the room.  And she will notice an article on one.  Perhaps on the death of a man speculated to be a certain superhero -- which she will know is true.  That would have the advantage of foreshadowing the danger of certain powers. And introduce the heroes in a suitable understated way so you don't overestimate their importance.

But -- I still gotta slither it into the story with what she's really thinking about, their arrival, and what she thinks of their circus.
Tags: beginnings, death, exposition, foreshadowing, genre: steampunk, genre: superheroes

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