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Nine Princes in Amber

Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny

And the adventure begins. Our narrator wakes up in a hospital and without any memory, refuses a drug, finds out who checked him in, and leaves.

Off to New York City, where he learns his name is Corwin.  He realizes that the sister who checked him was his sister, but Evelyn was not her name.  Their brother Random shows up, and he gets hints of the familial dysfunction.  He learns he can fight well with a sword, and his brother and he set off by car -- and start to change worlds, just as they drive along.  And that road trip is to the Amber of the title.

The trip leads into the rest of the plot.  It involves the money changing in our narrator's wallet, his favorite sister, a forced marriage between a prince and a blind woman, a naval attack, a coronation, a man whom Corwin had knighted, the magical properties of card sets, and more.

Only the first of five books. Not very heavy adventure. And the style was distinctly -- uneven.
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