marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

starting too late

I think the story started too late.  The heroine is about to have the great adventure -- but she's thinking in the past perfect too often, remembering a young woman lion tamer, how she came to the menagerie and learned it was a bad name, and more.  A warning sign, a dangerous one -- like putting a flashback in the first pages.  On the other hand. . . .

If I transform her musings into scenes -- first scenes take place about six years before the current first scene.  She's been there quite a while.  Then maybe a couple of others in the middle.  In fact, I probably would have to have them, because putting only part of it in flashback is more awkward than all.  And THEN we get to the present day.


Probably should write it like that and see what happens.  Story time is part of the story structure, too.  Usually invisibly, but chasms of time are important.
Tags: story structure, story time

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