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Sign of the Unicorn

Sign of the Unicorn by Roger Zelazny

The plot thickens. Spoilers for the first two ahead.

Corwin arrives at Random's door with the news that another of their brothers had died: Caine was murdered under circumstances that make it clear Corwin was to be framed. In fact, the reason he's at Random's door is that the killer was the same sort of being as attacked Random in Nine Princes, and he needs that support.

Corwin, in fact, has decided that he can not be crowned without evidence their father is dead, and that the black road is not the top priority, which must be finding their brother Brand. He summons all and sundry to give them the news and try to reach Brand. They succeed. They even rescue him. Unfortunately, some one of them stabs him.

It builds from there. Among other events, Corwin lays out the history of all of Oberon's children and claims to the throne. It also includes a unicorn, Benedict's possible great-granddaughter, Random's sudden and fierce interest in a son he's ignored for years, what the blood of Amber can do, Gerard's nursing a wounded man, Corwin's returning to the Earth of the first scene of the series, and more.
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