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the lecture and decisions

Here is the character, newly arrived on the scene.  Here are some characters who are friendly and curious and perfeclty willing to lecture her at length about all the things she's wondering about.  True, they want to hear about her start too. . . .

Amazing how many decisions have to be made, and how quickly.

I know when they set up the concealing of magic in this world there were three groups, kept magically apart:  the bird maidens and other innocucous shapechangers, the evil werewolves, and the dragons.  I had been vaguely thinking about their being others. . . but since she landed among the bird maidens, who are the ones who know all, and would be curious, naturally the first things they describe will include how many divisions there are, besides the fundamental magic/mundane.

Ponder, ponder, ponder.  Was thinking that all the innocuous ones (unicorns, for instance) in the bird maidens division, but then I was thinking about trolls and other giantic creatures, or water beings, and remembered they could be very different in character in tales.  On the other hand, I am including innocuous (cursed) wolves in the bird maiden division.

And do the berserk bear shifters go into the werewolves?

I think I may choose an arbitrary number of divisions and fill them in.  There's always revision.
Tags: characterization, dialog, exposition, masquerade, world-building: magic (effects), world-building: non-human characters

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