marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

chaos and sequels

A Dark Lord or other such Evil Force is a nice unifying thing for a story, and still more a series.  However many minions he has, however many ramifications the plot has, the tale has a nice unity.

Other tales resort to a random collection of issues.  I keenly recall the story where Conan and the Love Interest of the Week faced:  a man-ape bent on abducting the love interest, a cursed building where malicious statues woudl come to life by moonlight, and pirates.  No connection at all. . . .

It does leave the ending more open.  Especially since the individual perils tend to be less than Dark Lord.  A lot easier to have another such peril emerge.
Tags: heroes and villains, sequels, series, story structure, unity of theme

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