marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

break it up

So some events happen in one scene:  characters, students of magic, magically hide something for other students to find.  Next scene, the other studentsare talking about what to do about it, and I go -- errrr. . . .  I need to break this up.

A year in the life of the students has a more ambling plot than a quest for a magical ring.  Also it needs to have more incidents going on so they don't look monomaniacally focused on what is, after all, a game on their part, however educational it is about magic.

And the other characters didn't drop everything at once to talk about what to do, it's not that urgent.  Putting something in between helps show the passage of time.

OTOH, throwing some thing in does give the plot a little more to juggle. sigh
Tags: story structure, story time, world-building: schools

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