marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

no nuckelavee or other nightmare

Was wondering what sorts of divisions I could put in my types of magic creatures.

And I thought of the nuckelavee, which gets my vote for the office of Folkloric Monster I Least Want to Meet In a Dark Alleyway -- Or Anywhere Else. And a few more nightmares like that. . . .

And then I said, No. There will be a whole lot of creatures in this world. But absolute nightmares would demand to be the focus of the story. Even of a young girl growing to a young woman and finding her place in the work -- in a junior capacity.  Yes, she will have a moment where her circumstances will let her do something crucial, for which they will praise her initiative and give her a minor promotion.

Not only is that crucial moment necessarily against the werewolves, which means they have to be the biggest threat at the moment, the whole threat of monstrous monstrosities like the Things from the Dungeon Dimensions would warp the whole plot.  Adult efforts to protect her and the other youngsters will only stifle them, which undermines the growing up process.

So it's probably just going to be gryphons, mermaids, centaurs and other mish-mashes in one division.  That would give me enough.
Tags: always evil, bildungsroman, character arc, unity of theme, world-building: creatures, world-building: non-human characters

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