marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

which way's he going to do it?

So there's this new superhero -- made according to his world, and so a product of mad science, not to say a victim of mad scientists --

He escapes, he finds his bearings, he tests his powers enough to be competent in them. . . he makes a decision.

The thing is, either he's going back into their lair to seize the evidence against them, to go to the law, or he's going to go to the law and then, when they talk about the problems get them the evidence.  Which way, which way. . . .

Hmmm. . . come to think of it, the evidence might be regarded as tainted if he had contacted the police, and they might have gotten warning that he was doing it allowing them to destroy much of it, so --

Evidence first, then police.  That way their legal chicanery to get themselves acquitted and him convicted is more strikingly unjust.  (Gotta decide whether the judge is in on it, still, though.)
Tags: characterization, genre: superheroes, heroes and villains, plotting, world-building: law

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