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For you to accompany Louis XV on a hunt, your family needed not only to be aristocratic, but have been so since 1400.

There was a woman accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts and condemned because she could not say the Lord's Prayer in English -- which she did not speak. She could say it in Latin or French, but that was no good.

No Roman labyrinths can be walked through -- the paths are too narrow for a foot.

At one Edwardian house party, a housemaid carefully ignored the young man creeping around with a flashlight; it was not the thing to do to comment on the way lovers came together at night. In reality, he was a burglar, plain and simple, and got away with quite an expensive necklace.

Louis XIV's death was announced by a Duke. First he appeared to the crowd with a black feather in his hat to say that the king was dead; then he went back in and came back out with a white feather in it to say, Long live the king.

Sumptuary laws in Tudor England governed banquets according to the status of the host -- OR, the highest ranking guest, if higher.

Sacred chiefs and chieftainesses in Hawaii had to be carried in litters, because their feet would taboo the ground. And usually went out only at night, to minimize the problem of their shadows falling on something and polluting it.

George V's deputy comptroller maintained all the records and things of the office, the comptroller being a purely political post with no duties.

During the Crusades, one treatment for wounds was to find the weapon that wounded you, to have it prayed over and destroyed. It had the best rate because it didn't involve doing anything to the wound and causing more trouble.

According to Maliki rulings in Muslim-occupied Spain, a woman could attend a wedding if the only musical instruments used were tambourines, but she was not allowed if any other was used.
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