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No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished

No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished by Rachel Aaron

The return of the Heartstrikers. Spoilers ahead for the earlier ones. Also, a warning that that over-all arc is picking up speed, so more of this book points ahead than the earlier ones.

It opens in China, with some of Chelsie's backstory -- you will be able to guess quite of bit of later events' significance, more than Julius can.

Julius is dealing with the Council. Heartstrikers are gathering for the vote -- if it occurs -- and the UN's interested in Marci, as is Amelia, for other reasons. And Algonquin lurks in the background after how she ended the latest book.

Politics. Appeals to power. The most suppressed clutch of Bethesda's broods. A dragon who's a US Senator. A number of dragons showing their nicer side. A Master of Labyrinths and the dangers of Mortal Spirits. And a lot more.
Tags: fiction reviews: alternate world fantasy

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