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tidbits cross time

The Third Republic in a symbolic gesture auctioned off the French crown jewels, whether Bourbon or Bonaparte.  Tiffany's got a third of the lot, and solemnly announced that it could not of course break confidentiality -- then, given their distinctiveness, the first time the new owner wore them, all was revealed.

The United States, preparing for a conventional invasion of Japan, ordered Purple Hearts in anticipation.  The stock is still being used up.

When the Pilgrims settled at Plymouth, the first Indian they met could speak to them in English.

In medieval knightings, the man was to be dressed in all new clothes for the event.

The cherry blossom managed to achieve preeminence in Japan despite an upper class preference for plum blossoms (the preference being imported from China like so much else).

The first Spanish explorers marveled at the flatness of the Great Plains; one observed that if you lay flat on your back, you could no longer see the ground.

Every U.S. President is demonstrably descended from King John of England except Martin van Buren.
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