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Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

The continuing high stakes adventure. Overlap with Illuminae is -- enough to make perhaps reading that one first wise.

Same epistolary point of view. Indeed, after a prologue of a tribunal's proceedings, the first document is a message about the events and the disaster they will be for BeiTech.

Story starts a little slower, though quickly bringing out the two main characters -- Hanna, the station captain's daughter, bored with this location, and Nik, a member of the criminal underground, small though it is on this station. (The House of Knives, which it belongs, is much larger.) He's dealing drugs to her. Meanwhile, much of the crew is moving out to go to Terra Day celebrations, maintenance work is getting done, distress messages are getting harder to hide, and Nik gets blackmailed to bring a package onboard.

That's the team of "auditors" who are to remove the evidence. Which is when the events really kick off. It involves quoting Sun Tzu, Pascal's wager, the nasty way a drug is made and the consequences of not monitoring it properly, quantum theory, much about fathers, jasmine, a girl who suffered horrific muscular wasting after a disease, the significance of tattoos, a story about a grandmother taking five years to get revenge, and more.
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