marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

a man with a gun in his hand

I need a man with a gun in his hand to come through the door, or rather, his fantastical equivalent, suitable for the story. . . or maybe not. . . .

One of the heroine's problems is that the problem she's trying to fix is important but not urgent.  AND -- she's about face a temptation to leave her quest. Or at least dial it way, way, way back. It's very likely that though barely adult when she begins, she could accomplish it at such leisure that she could finish when a grandmother without detriment to the world.

Sending in the fantastical equivalent would shake her up.  OTOH, it might leave her motive a bit weak.

Perhaps I will have her read a book about the possible consequences.

sigh I knew it would be a challenge when the muse suggested the idea.
Tags: motives and purposes, plot twist, quest, story time

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