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Foxheart by Claire Legrand

A girl, abandoned at an orphanage at the age of three, grows up with no name (she refuses to answer to one) and as a troublemaker, in a land where the Wolf King keeps the evil witches down. She acquires a secret companion, a dog she names Fox.

One day, however, a mysterious figure comes to the orphanage, and wolves roam about it, killing both the adults and the children. She escapes, stumbles into the home of a boy named Sly Boots whose parents are under a curse, names herself Quicksilver, and, with the boy, sees a strange woman perform magic tricks in the square.

Then the woman performs real magic, and Quicksilver is in the thick of things. It involves skeletons, a fearful king, a coven and advice against witches working together, a journal, magic involving time and other magic involving minds, a land of shadows, the history of witches and their monsters, and more.
Tags: fiction reviews: children's fantasy

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