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politics and point of view

A plotline is starting to come clear to me.  The reason why one character is talking with the main character -- in her arch unpleasant way -- is that she realizes that certain people who threw her out of their plan in the early stages went on with it, and wants to use her as a spanner in the works.

Now, the burning question is how to make this clear to the readers -- on top of the factions in the plot. Which means to the main character; she'd pick up on any clue enough to inclue the reader.

Ah, what fun. Throwing her into a morass of politics (and fae politics at that) when she's no more interested than she has to be -- admittedly, far more than she would like -- and where no one who knows anything is interested in telling her anything true. But the story is resisting the notion of more point of view characters.

Hmmm -- catch one of the people off guard and blurting out the truth?
Tags: discovery, exposition, plotting, politics, world-building: non-human characters

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