marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Pariah Elite

The poor (sob), suffering (sob), oppressed (sob) group of wizards or people with special powers --

Have I mentioned how I hate it yet? 

It's a specially nasty subtrope of the "only some people can do magic" trope, and it has its variations.  Like, say, mutants.  I read a lot of the X-men comics and enjoyed them, but they arne't really about persecution, they're about persecution complexes.  The one tenet of the Evil Priests in Red is that they persecute poor, innocent little us.

One Christmas, I put in a DVD present -- the X-men movie -- and my mother happened to be in the room, correcting papers.  She must have watched; she not only stayed until the end, she asked how her parents managed to change Rogue's diapers.  I explained that mutant abilities kick on in adolescence.    And her reaction was "oh!" And she has since used the X-men to explain things to a fellow teacher, because, really, the attitude of high school sophomores doesn't differ, it's just they don't get the powers.
Tags: genre: superheroes, politics, rants, world-building: magic (plot device), world-building: magic (technique), world-building: social structure

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