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Tales of the Questor Volume 1

Tales of the Questor Volume 1 by Ralph E. Hayes Jr.

The collection of the webcomic. Among his people, anthropomorphic raccoons, Quentyn dreams of being a questor (a hero/knight errant), and his constant attempts to find some job he can do are continually frustrated.

On a fishing trip with his father, he dreams (or so he thinks) of a magical white stag telling him to be who he is. And when the youngster are supposed to commit themselves to the career they want -- he declares he wants to be a questor. Turns out they have to name one when someone opens the challenge.

There is not much work for heroes, though he does, when two friends and he get drunk, get a magical sword, and there is some. . . .

It involves hairs taken from a little girl's tale, hidden treasure, getting asked whether he's God, an airship, the problem of lux (magic)-using kits, a bogie who could not frighten a child, burning up a candle really quickly, and more.
Tags: fiction reviews: high fantasy, webcomics

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